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Vail, Colorado

Hey guys! I hope y’all are enjoying the rest of your winter break! My family and I just got back from our annual trip to Vail, Colorado, and I wanted to post about all of the breathtaking things that we got to see and do. Before I start, I’d like to give a huge shout out to my godbrothers and their parents for welcoming us into their beautiful vacation house each year and making this trip possible.

An hour delay was the perfect start to our highly anticipated ski trip. Our early morning United flight was pushed back due to technical difficulties…so in the airport we sat, eating Wendy’s nuggets and drinking Starbucks. Luckily, we noticed our good friends waiting to get on the same flight to Vail, so we passed time catching up with them! After a long day of travel, the Wright’s had finally landed surrounded by mountains and snow!

Sharing a room with my brother was rough. Matthew would set his alarm for bright and early then proceed to sleep through it. The more he’d ignore his alarm, the more my godbrother would FaceTime him to get him up and the less sleep I got. Waking up on top of a mountain, surrounded by mounds of the whitest snow definitely made up for this daily, very rude awakening.

My favorite adventure of our trip this year was dog sledding with Mountain Mushers! It was truly a magical experience and a must-try for everyone who visits Colorado or anywhere else with heavy snow. Besides the amazing scenery and intelligent guides, getting to love on 75 of the fluffiest puppies for 2 hours was the highlight of my experience. I recommend dog sledding to anyone who appreciates the simplistic beauty of nature and getting to see the way these pups work as a team.

Fashion tip: Wear warm socks!!! My toes were frozen the entire time!!!

One of my favorite pass times of the trip was shopping in Vail Village. The people-watching is so much fun and rummaging through the crowded T-shirt shops will never get old, no matter how many times you visit. I’m not sure if y’all can tell, but I’m not much of a skier. I’ve given it a fair chance the last 3 years and I’ve ended up ugly crying on top of a mountain each time. The views from the top are truly incredible and might be enough to tempt me to give it another try one day… but for now, I’ll stick to my adventures down below.

The flight home was also delayed and put us back in Houston 2 hours after our original arrival time, although, there still wasn’t much to complain about. I am so grateful for this trip and the newfound appreciation it gives me for our warm Texas winters. Vail, Colorado has something for every one and is a place I highly recommend if you’re looking for a beautiful place to experience a real winter season.

Thank you for reading, and I hope the beauty of the rocky mountains is something you get to experience at least once. Happy New Year!




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