Photo By: Leah Elizabeth Photography


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Houston Street Art

Hi everyone! The mural walls and graffiti covered buildings are an accessory to the city of Houston and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wanted to get out and take a picture by one of them. I have always been captivated by the artwork although I’ve never had the chance to stop and study each one… until today! Whether it’s the bright colors that catch your eye or the message behind it that captures your heart, this street art is truly a gift to Houston and I recommend taking time out of your day to admire these complex pieces and search for new ones throughout the city!

houston love smile.JPG

Pandr Murals

1200 McKinney St.

Artwork by: Phoebe Cornog & Roxy Prima


Houston Graffiti Building

1503 Chartres St.

Artwork by: Larissa Akhmetova, The OneLee & Indoneejah


Spring Scene Murals

2101 Winter St.

Artwork by: Michael Rodriguez

Photos by: Leah Elizabeth Photography

  • I did my best to find the artist behind each piece however, some could not be found!

Leah Elizabeth - Senior Reps

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