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Miss Houston Pageant 2019

Hey guys! For this month’s post I want to share more about the opportunity I had competing in my first beauty pageant. I really went out of my comfort zone with this one & although I didn’t bring home the crown, the lessons I learned & the memories I made throughout this journey will always be cherished.

First I want to say that being accepted to compete with the Miss Houston team was something I never thought would happen. I’ve never been interested in the pageant world but I spontaneously decided to give it a shot. Second, don’t let the girls on TV fool you with their effortless strut and glamorous looks; They don’t come easy. This pageant required hours of lessons, rehearsals & choreography. Every morning started at 5:00 with make up & hair. I was in heels 9 hours straight the first day! Not to mention the nerves you feel before walking on stage or interviewing in front of judges. It really was one of the most physically challenging things I’ve ever done & I’ve gained so much respect for the girls who live this lifestyle.

To be completely honest, I felt a sense of guilt once I got back to my hotel room after prelims. Most of these girls compete to move on to bigger pageants like Miss Texas, Miss USA & Miss Universe. They count calories for months, they take lessons for runway walking and dedicate themselves in numerous other ways. A lot of women are competing for this title with a future in mind and at stake so I guess I felt a little silly being there because I thought "it looked fun”. After seeing the passion I was surrounded by, it made it easier for me to loosen up & root for the other girls because I realized the first day that the crown was never meant for me.

The beauty and diversity around me this weekend was inspiring. If you haven’t seen who was crowned 2019 Miss Houston, check out @misshoustonpageant on Instagram & give Blaine all your support as she starts her new adventure!

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I also wanted to give a special shoutout to YaaAnn Ageyman-Yeboah, my fellow classmate, for competing in the Miss Houston Teen competition! It was comforting having a familiar face along the way. You shine so bright, Yaa!

Just like starting my blog, competing in the Miss Houston pageant was a giant “what if they don’t like me?” At the end of the day, great & unexpected things can come from stepping out of your comfort zone. I encourage everyone to try something that scares you because you never know what you could accomplish and learn along the way.
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